Hey there,

I’m Lizzie (aka Elizabeth24602)

As you can tell I spend a lot of time at home, do venture outside if I need to.

I often go for brunch. Brunch, shopping and sleep is pretty much my life. Throw in the gym, Starbucks and makeup and I have pretty much ticked every box for basic white girl.

I feel strongly about body confidence and diversity. I feel a lot of brands are embracing this outlook and I’m so happy diversity is getting the platform it deserves. I’ve gone on a bit of a journey with body confidence and accepting myself so part of this blog is literally just me babbaling about my feelings. If I am lucky enough to help at least one person then that is a job well done.

I have a rare muscle condition called Friedreich Ataxia. I never liked talking about it because I didn’t want a “disability” to define me. It has taken a while but I now realise it doesn’t. It’s my outlook on life and my morals that defines me.

I also create invitations/programmes/tickets. You can see some of my designs right here.

I am an Astoria brand rep. Use code ELIZABETH15 for a cute little discount.

If I haven’t bored you yet check out my blog.

Have a good day!!