What do we say to the God of Death

It’s embarrassing to even mention the last time I wrote a blog post so what better time to start then on the same day of the final episode of Game of Thrones. Now I haven’t seen it yet but I’m actually quite happy that Daenerys is on the throne, she is my queen. I know, I know she shouldn’t of burnt all the innocents and half of kings landing but she was angry and if I had a dragon I would do the same (and all those people rooted for Ned Stark’s beheading, so I actually don’t care).

Now in an ideal world Dany would turn to Jon say that she doesn’t care that he is her nephew or the rightful king, they can rule together. Drogon had babies and there was dragon army, a pack of direwolves with Ghost being the leader and a baby named Drogo aka THE STALLION THAT MOUNTS THE WORLD. But this is Game of Thrones and nothing will happen the way you want it to. So god knows what is going to happen, something dark is going on with Arya and what about Bran! I’m not a team Bran, I’m team Targaryen if anything (even though Cersei was my spirit animal and we all love a bit of Jon) but Bran’s character really interests me because being the three eyed raven, that he tells everyone he is, we have assumed he can’t do anything to alter the fate of Westeros, but he was the one who gave Arya the dagger that killed the nights king. He is playing the game of thrones.

Arya is one of my favourites but I couldn’t forgive her if she killed Dany.

There is a million and one theories that I can talk about until I am blue in the face but the only way to find out what happens is to watch it. Or read spoilers but that’s not who I am and spoilers make me sad.

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