I Need a Holiday

Ever since my dissertation post I haven’t bothered to write anything but I really need to. I use this blog kind of like a diary, I treat it almost as a coping mechanism and without it I get almost neurotic.

I’ve actually been quite busy recently, which is really good and it’s stuff that will progress my career but I feel like I haven’t made time for myself. There is a constant list of what I need to do and it doesn’t seem to end. I really, really need a break.

I’m looking forward to going away with my friends because we are going to the zoo and watching Game of Thrones when it comes out ON MY BIRTHDAY!! I have so many theories.

I got my hair done last week which was nice, getting my nails done tomorrow (think I might go for pink, proper Barbie pink), I’m getting my eyebrows done on Wednesday and my lashes done Friday. I am also going to book in for a tattoo, so I a doing stuff for me but having this break without having stuff to stress over is 100% needed.


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