One Big Materialistic Post.

It was pay day at the end of last week so of course the weekend was one big splurge on makeup, skin care, fashion. One materialistic weekend. We will talk about Morphe, Urban Decay, Benefit. We will talk about By Nouck. We will talk about how my jeans wouldn’t do up and I cried so I definetly need a big talk with myself over body confidence. Linking in nicely with that I can mention American Eagle and my fondness of the style of Carys Gray (Busybee.carys). So this will be one big ass blog post. Now the introduction is out of the way.

I bought the Morphe X JacqulynHill Pallet the other day and I am so glad I did. I have lost a lot of inspo in doing my eye makeup. The other day I went full on drag queen, do love a drag queen look. This pallet though is not just your neutral browns, not just shimmery pinks (though I’d buy it if it was) it has pops of colour which is wonderful. It was just what I needed to give me that inspo into doing my eye makeup. It’s not a bad price either, for what you get. It retails at £37. This is not your average eye palette. That’d be boring. This palette took 2 years to create it has 35 brand-new eyeshadows that Jaclyn whipped up. They were created to deliver not only the best colour payoff but also amazing application. Mattes, shimmers, satins, foils, and glitter. Her dreamy colours are now your reality. So whether you’re pressed for time or have time to play, this palette is your new bestie. Because a girl (and guy) needs to have options.


ROW 1: Enlight, Beam, Silk Crème, M.F.E.O., Faint, Sissy, Little Lady

ROW 2: Creamscicle, Butter, Pooter, Pukey, Hunts, Firework, Queen

ROW 3: Obsessed, S.B.N., Hillster, Roxanne, Jacz, Buns, Cranapple

ROW 4: Royalty, Twerk, Hustle, Meeks, 24/7, Chip, Mocha

ROW 5: Pool Party, Jada, Diva, Enchanted, Central Park, Soda Pop, Abyss

I need some more powder. My absolute favourite is Urban Decay. I get Naked Skin The Illuminizer Translucent Pressed Beauty Powder. Like the name suggests, it instantly illuminates, making my sin soft, smooth with a demi-matte shine, giving skin a radiant look that’s damn pretty.

Create a sophisticated glow and diffuse light to blur flaws for a soft-focus effect. This micronized translucent powder has an addictively silky feel and glides on effortlessly. Apply The Illuminizer all over for glowing skin or as a makeup highlighter – layer on areas you want to highlight for more of a strobed effect. Naked Skin The Illuminizer is one beauty essential that belongs in EVERY makeup junkie’s bag. Give your skin a gorgeous glow without looking like you had a run-in with a disco ball. The universal, translucent powder shade works on any skin tone – from pale to deep – and is suitable for all skin types, regardless of your age or skin concerns. The Illuminizer glides smoothly over the skin and leaves the perfect amount of luminosity. The effect is elevated, not frosty or overdone. We take extra steps in the manufacturing process to give Naked Skin The Illuminizer an ultra-fine, insanely smooth feel. It provides the results of a loose powder with the convenience of a pressed powder. And our formula is free of oil, parabens, alcohol and fragrance. Like Naked Skin Pressed Finishing Powder, The Illuminizer comes in our custom compact. To set it apart, we made the illuminating powder’s metallized case iridescent gold with a gunmetal push button embossed with “Naked.” We even debossed the UD icon in the powder. The top compartment features a full-size mirror – perfect for on-the-go touch-ups – and a separate compartment underneath holds the applicator sponge.

 This is why Urban Decay is my fave they put so much effort into their products. All brands do so it’s unfair for me to single Urban Decay out, but …. I love them.

Currently I use ‘Naked Skin’ in the shade 1.0. It is slightly dark for me. I used to use the shade 0.5 and I only changed because Alex told me I looked like a ghost. SORRY FOR BEING PALE ALEX. I can’t be bothered to fake tan, I will do soon though (I’ll use Bondi Sands) and I don’t need a man to tell me what to do. I’d go back to 0.5 but it’s roughly £30. Great. I do recomdend it though, especially if you struggle or have sensitive skin like me. I really like the ‘Naked Skin’ foundation because it has a fab balance between luminosity, weightlessness and coverage combination. It has a demi-matte finish and light-diffusing spheres to help blur imperfections and wrinkles and look like you’ve been professionally retouched, this buildable formula perfectly complements your complexion and provides medium to full coverage.

We loaded this oil- and paraben-free formula with nourishing ingredients. Matrixyl 3000 contains anti-wrinkle peptides to restore and maintain skin’s youthful appearance while increasing elasticity. Litchiderm™ (derived from lychee fruit) protects skin from dehydration, stress and aging, resulting in a brighter, more radiant complexion. Sodium hyaluronate holds and attracts water for smoother, softer, more youthful-looking skin. Japanese green tea and vitamin E contain neutralizing antioxidants to fight free radicals and promote collagen production.

Speaking of what I love, Benefit eyebrow range. It’s one of the brands that isn’t 100% vegan that I rate. It is cruelty free though. I’m not a pomade fan, mainly because I use too much of a heavy hand. I use ‘Precicley my Brow Pencil’ in shade 4. It is an ultra-fine eyebrow pencil which draws natural-looking, hair-like strokes that lasts 12 hours. A few strokes of the pigmented and blendable colour will transform brows into filled & defined. It is a waterproof eyebrow pencil with a  built-in spoolie and a twist-up, non-sharpen tip.

Makeup and skincare is something I think you do need to spend time and money on. To get the best effect anyway. I’m using Pixi at the moment. Their Rose Tonic but also their Glow Tonic is giving me that smooth healthy shine that I strive for.

On another note Jewellery is something that I don’t really change up. I’ve worn the one ring around my neck since I was 18. So I don’t really change it up. I tend to stick to hoops because they are just lazy girl fashion. However, I came across ‘ByNouck’. It was around the beginning of February when Instagram awakened me to their existence. By Nouck is a unique handmade jewellery designed to wear alone or mix and match. I recommend these items a lot. It’s not in your face but is almost buildable so whatever your style they cater for you. It’s actually where I got my ‘E’ and ‘A’ necklace from which atm I’m living for.

I also got some Astoria Activewear. I did actually purchase the items a while ago, but my order was put on back order so delivery was about 3-4 weeks. They are actually really good gym wear. Pretty colours and great fit.

Atm I am liking the style of Carys Gray (BusyBee.carys). She is all oversized cropped jumpers and skinny jeans. A style I can get on board with. She really brings glam comfort to life, which is essentially what I want. She does however shop a lot a Topshop and I haven’t been there in ages. So I think I need to try it again. Carys also owns her own ‘merch’ called YAE, it stands for “you are enough” she releases a ton of comfy sweatshirts, jumpers and tee’s. Which is essentially my life.
This is a clothing brand close to my heart. After constantly thinking that I wasn’t good enough for society, that I wasn’t fun enough for my friends or motivating enough to have achieved the following I had on social media, I realised that I wasn’t alone. There are many girls who struggle with anxiety on different levels, this is just a reminder that you are not alone and an even stronger reminder that no matter what you think or are feeling right now, YOU ARE ENOUGH. I know that no single piece of clothing is going to change anyones mindset but it will hopefully help you remember that you are not alone in the struggles that you go through.

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Sitting down all the time, fashion can be quite difficult. It’s something that you don’t really think about but anything that you can get your thumbs caught in are the devil. Pockets are the worst followed closely by mom/boyfriend jeans, buttons, anything loose and knitted really does not like me. Shorts = “they’re nice”, as soon as I sit down = “oh, where did they go?”. Skirts and dresses are wonderful they are my go to for work. they do need to be a little longer though otherwise they are a little inappropriate, loving a good maxi. However, I find that jeggings and a crop jumper are my best friend (jeggings or leggings) and boots or trainers and that is my outfit, everyday. I do like heels though, ngl. It’s kind of made me want to do my own outfit series, OOTD as it were. That’s still a thing right?

This is where American Eagle comes in. They are well known for body confidence and for their comfy jeggings and now they have released a ‘curve’ range which I need because I have a giant bum. I struggle with clothes because I am quite petite a large bum and no-one seems to do a curvy-petite range. So when I saw that I could get curve jeans in my size I jumped on the chance. I normally get my jeans from ASOS or River Island but at the weekend I couldn’t do up my jeans and I got really upset which is ridiculous. To be honest I was more upset over the fact that I couldn’t wear jeans as part of my outfit rather than the fact that I have just eaten too much pizza.

God. This post has turned into a dissertation, soz.

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