England v Wales

Saturday afternoon I was sat down in front of the TV to watch two riveting hours of the Six Nations. I lie, we watched France v Scotland first so it was 4. Anyway being the rugby pro that I am I decided to write a post about it.

Now (I shouldn’t admit this but I’m going to) because I understand the game a little bit more than I used to, I don’t mind it as much. I’ve always preferred rugby to football but I’m not about to cry if I miss a game. Unlike Alex, I think Alex may mentally combust.

Side note: my “E” and “A” necklace arrived and it is wonderful. So did my Moon and Sun earrings, feel like a little Dothraki. But this is a post about rugby, I’ll get back to “By Nouck” later. Or I may actually do another post about it. So put that in you diaries, get all excited.

Getting back to it though. Alex is your typical sports fan, shouting at the TV and what not but I have to say that was one of the most infuriating games I have ever watched. If one more person kicked the ball pointlessly I would go to Cardiff and kick them. I don’t know much about rugby but STOP GIVING AWAY PENALTIES and it’s annoying because Owen Farrell is captain and Owen Farrell is pretty and I love him but on Saturday your team was not the team who beat France.

I really think Oli Thorley would make a good edition to the England Squad because I like him, no other reason.

The final 15 minutes were a horror show. Alex promptly turned it off after Cory Hill scored Wales their first try putting them in the lead. Despite Dan Biggar’s conversion England still theoretically had a chance, never say never. But Wales changed their play in the second half whereas England didn’t so it inevitably led to a Welsh victory. Bloody Wales.

Basically I have not reviewed this match at all, just told you what happened .. if you’re looking for a sports journalist, you have found her.

To top it off I fell down the steps outside Alex’s house and hit my head off a plant pot. Fab weekend. The dogs were there though and his house is super pretty so that makes everything better.


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