A Few Little Makeup Tips

Eevee bit me the other day and I could of died, well she caught my lip with those mini razors she called teeth, blood everywhere. She did come and apologise, little cute pie.

I haven’t written a makeup post in forever. Mainly because I have been really uninspired but I ordered the new Morphe X Jeffree Star brush collection and they are just so beautiful it made me want to write something about it.

Now I don’t know enough about makeup to look at someone and be like “they are making common mistake number 4” I don’t know the common mistakes and I don’t really know how to fix them, I don’t know about your eyeshape but I know about mine. I need to do some sort of makeup course. Everything I know comes from watching beauty gurus online.

But there are a few tips I can offer. My expertise as it were. The main one is blending, everything should be blended (bar your winged eyeliner and no one wants a smudgy lip, but apart from that) and when you blend, whatever it is, you need to blend up and out. It just makes everything look bigger, healthier, more awake. Even contour and I know contour is meant to give you that smaller look but by blending it up and out it creates a more natural shadow sculpting your face to add bone structure, but if you blend it out rather than down it wont draw your whole face down. Making you look like you have droopy cheeks and the impression of a bronzed bandanna across your forehead. I also try to blend in circular motions, it just softens up everything.

Another good tip I can offer is to hold your brush at the far end. It sounds so obvious when you say it out loud, but the softer the pressure you apply, the easier your makeup will be to work with. When you were young did your mom ever say to you “less is more” and it annoyed you like hell as you lathered your eyelids in blue eyeshadow, well she was right. I love a dramatic look but it’s easier to apply little bits of product then build it up. This way you can blend as you go.

Speaking of eyeshadow, always always go above your natural crease. Even if you don’t want to apply it there blend it above your mobile lid, especially if you have hooded eye’s or deepset eyes or a bit of both like me. This is because when you open your eyes the hood will cover all your hard work and effectively make your eyes look smaller. So by bringing your shadow above your crease it widens your eyes and essentially creates a bigger playing field, but remember BLEND. If you need some blending inspo check out Nikkitutorials. If you need some hooded eye inspo check out Stephanie Lange.

My foundation tip is a quick one. You don’t always need full coverage foundation, especially if you have fairly good skin. So don’t feel you have to wear it but also don’t feel you can’t. I love a bit of full coverage but I’m really trying to work on my skin atm so I try not to wear too much for a long period of time. When choosing a foundation try and match the colour to your chest. That’s the closest shade match to your face. DO NOT USE YOUR HAND! Your hand and your face are different colours and textures so you will not get a good match.

When it comes to contour, like everyone else, I’ve struggled. Being so pale finding a shade that doesn’t make me look like I’ve dipped my face in mud is difficult to say the least. The best one I’ve tried and the one I currently use is actually an eyeshadow. It is the shade ‘Heroine’ from Illamasqua. It is the perfect taupe/brown/pink that pale skin tones need to create the best structure and to falsely give you cheekbones and a defined jawline, rather than a moon on a neck. I used to be really lazy and use an eyeshadow brush to contour. But now I have splashed out on the Jeffree Star brushes I use the JS3: ICONIC CONTOUR BRUSH – this is soooo good for small detail contouring. I shade the outline of my contour with bronzer then properly sculpt using ‘heroine’. If you are faire skinned like me, I really recommend this shade.

The Jeffree Star brushes are so beautiful. They come in a gorgeous frosted/hologrphic pink case with a cardboard slip cover with Jeffree’s eyes. The seven brushes are all individually sealed inside in plastic slips. They can be purchased separately but I wanted all of them so that’s what happened. The brushes themselves look like shiny pink icicle unicorn horns. They are a mixture of natural and synthetic hair (so not strictly vegan) and I have to say I am a little bit in love.

JS1: SIZE QUEEN – a foundation brush with a flat top.

JS2: POINT BLANK PRECISION – powder brush.

JS3: ICONIC CONTOUR BRUSH – a contour brush.

JS4: FLY HIGH BRUSH – You team this with a Skin Frost highlighter from Jeffree Star cosmetic you have yourself an insane duo.

JS5: CREASE KWEEN BRUSH – this is a really good brush for blending and it’s long bristles are so good for deep set eyes. Creating that smoky crease is so easy with this brush.


JS7: DOUBLE TROUBLE BRUSH – a pink spoolee is always a need.

However makeup is a really a personal preference. There really is no right or wrong way, makeup is what you want it to be.

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