Being a Greedy Dreamer

I really want to go to Europe this year. I’d go on my own but the issue is the cobbles and I reckon I’d just get stuck. So I’m back to dreaming, for a while anyway. Another issue is the flight prices. At peak times it’s ridiculous, just can’t afford it. But you know you can’t have everything. I’m like Belle from beauty and the beast “I want so much more than this provincial life” then happily live in a secluded castle …. Honestly don’t think I want a more exciting life, just maybe a little adventure which is always hard when you try and live in reality. But who wants reality, reality is boring. I want to live in New Zealand with a house full of dogs and the odd Unicorn or two, floating around like a forest elf. Literally the dream.

I want to do what they did in ‘The Haunting of Hill House’, minus the ghosts convincing me to kill my family, buy houses, renovate them then sell them for millions and millions. I will be rich, I mean Alex also but mainly me because I am the star of our relationship ….. and it was my idea, so.

I’ve realized that the right place doesn’t mean anything without the right people.

Chrissy Stockton, The Fear Of Falling Asleep In Your 30’s

I also updated my blog this week and can’t decide if I like it, think I do, it’s a little more professional but part of me thinks it might be a little busy, idk. Like my mind, a mess. A pretty mess though. Seriously I’ve been really stroppy this week and I don’t know why, irritable. I’m happy but short tempered, delightful.

Maybe it’s because I want to go on holiday and I haven’t booked anywhere, or maybe it’s because I’m a brat. Most likely the latter. I’m saving for a house, can’t go away can I. God I’m so greedy, want everything.

Speaking of what I want, extensions, expensive makeup, a cottage, dogs, horses, business, holiday ….. all vapid/materialistic so, no. Do something for humanity first.


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