My new years resolution was to post a picture on Instagram every single day (and be a vegetarian). Now I know taking that many pic’s for the gram sounds so vapid and shallow I’ve actually been doing quite well. For me I’m quite lazy so taking a picture everyday actually makes me do stuff and it makes me appreciate things more. I know I shouldn’t need validation but the pictures I’m taking aren’t for other people, it’s for me. It’s silly but it actually makes me feel more fulfilled.

Saying that, there are certain days (like yesterday) where you are scrambling around for pictures because you didn’t take any over the weekend and you feel down because you haven’t got anything to show. It seems like I didn’t enjoy my weekend, but I did, I really did and I have those memories so why do I need pictures? Why do I need to justify to other people that I’m enjoying life, their opinions shouldn’t matter. In some respects though, I’m not. I’m not taking pictures for other people, I’m doing it for me. Jenna Kutcher has really helped me see this, in one of her seminars she asked the question that “if someone went onto your feed would they be able to see who you are, what you were about?” and hopefully they would. I am so much more than a receptionist, we are all so much more than our jobs. I need to start romanticizing my life.

When I get into that depression mode it helps for me to look over all the things in my life that have made me happy enough to take a picture of. It also triggers positive memories of how I felt on that day. I don’t know, I’m not a therapist and it might be totally messing me up (I’ll keep you updated on my mental health) but for right now, it works. It’s more of a personal challenge than anything else.

Side note, a few weeks ago I purchased ‘Function of Beauty’ shampoo and I’m really impressed with it. I’ve always struggled with oily roots, second day (after washing) my hair is a greasy mess. BUT FILTH NO MORE. BE GONE HORRIBLE HAIR. Function of Beauty is a customised hair care brand and I couldn’t recommend them enough. It is a little on the pricey side but in my opinion it’s worth every penny. Their products are 100% crultey free and vegan which is probably why I like it. Vegan beauty products are some of the best I’ve tried.

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