I haven’t Posted in Ages.

Let’s get real. I’m not different, I just have different routines, I live my life differently, take a different route to get from A to B but I still get there.

Non of this means that I am not equal to any other girl, I have the same value and are not beneath you in anyway. Just because I can’t walk doesn’t lower my self worth or doesn’t mean I can’t experience day to day things in life. I just do it differently and shouldn’t feel pressurised to live life by someone else’s standards.

I have been in a wheelchair going on 4 years now and have to remind myself of this quite a lot.

I feel like I should do more with my life. I go to work, go to the gym, online shop, do my makeup, take copious selfies, binge watch Netflix and nap. That’s literally it and you know what. I’m happy. I feel like I should be doing something more, but do I want to? and I don’t know if I actually do. But I do feel unfulfilled, unmotivated and lazy.

I saw a Mountain Trike the other day. I was googling off road wheelchairs and that came up. I have off road tyres but the little wheels at the front get stuck so it’s kind of the same predicament. I’m genuinely really excited about it. It’s not the cheapest but I feel its worth it.  The Mountain Trike range have been designed as all terrain outdoor wheelchairs with rugged good looks, lightweight aluminium frames, high end Mountain Bike technology and all fully tested for your ultimate comfort and safety.

This is the ideal Trike for your outdoor every day use, whether it be a muddy woodland trail, a trip to the shops, a walk in the park and for the more adventurous, it has even been used to climb the odd mountain or two! The unique lever drive system allows the rider to have clean, dry hands whatever the weather.

The first thing I thought when I saw this was DOG. I’ve always wanted a dog. I had 2 when I was younger but since getting my wheelchair I’ve really missed having one. My sister had one, Alex has 3, who I love, my friends have dogs but I want one of my own and this wheelchair will make it easier to walk one. I can also go on dog walks with Alex. I go so far but we are very limited to where we can go, and it’s tough for him you know. People say comments like “can’t he give you a piggy back?” nice idea but lugging 9 stone around on your back for two hours while trying to control 3 dogs …. not as romantic as it seems. With a Mountain Trike it will just make it a little easier for me, to walk a dog, go to the stables, go to New Zealand …. if that’s not motivation enough I don’t know what is. New Zealand and a Dog and a horse, life made.

Carbon Black Wheelchair

The Carbon Black wheelchair is proper fancy. I get questions about it nearly every day and I do not regret buying it on bit. But it’s a fashion accessory, a very expensive accessory but one that is worth the money and I highly recommend. I’m super super happy with it. It’s almost like wearing heels. It’s perfect for work, events, going out for meals, coffee, drinks, shopping trips, socialising as it were. But it’s not the best for outside activity, it’s difficult to self propel outside (for me anyway because I have minimal upper body strength) and as much as I love all of the above I feel like being outdoors is something I miss. That’s what is stressing me out, I don’t like feeling restricted and right now I do. 

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