Autumn Makeup

I haven’t wrote a post about makeup in a while, been so focused on other stuff. But truth be told I miss it, I miss getting all glam. Going completely overboard with my eyeshadow, even debating lashes and we know how lazy I am so that’s quite drastic for me.

I have the same mentality as Stephanie Lange. Her videos match my mind, I’m thinking about doing a more dramatic eyeshadow, she has a video. I want a quick makeup tutorial she also has a video. So I literally just stick to her vlogs like glue.

It’s autumn so that means bold dark lips. I’m so excited. Seriously, the things I look forward to, a dark plum lip.

I do my makeup quite messily. I’m not skilled at the neat and precise winged eyeliner and perfectly blended cut-crease, those Instagram brows are not one of my skills. So I stick to a pink/brown smokey eye and powder contour if I feel fancy. Yesterday I went all out, full face autumnal vibes. I used the Anastasia Beverly Hills ‘Soft Glam’ (of course). I started with the shade ‘Tempera’ just to set my Arbonne eyeshadow primer. I mostly use concealer to prime my eyes but I love the Arbonne face primer so as I wanted a full face, thought it was best not to be lazy. I then used ‘Dusky Rose’ as a base. Like I have said before I can use the scar on my left eyelid as a guideline. Now as it’s autumn I wanted a deeper look rather than pure pink, so I took a ‘231 Luxe Petit Crease Brush’ (by Zoeva) to really emphasise my eye shape with the shade ‘Mulberry’. I began to smoke that out, using a sort of C motion. I always make sure to bring the eyeshadow just above my natural crease. As I have hooded eyes this just makes them look that little bit bigger and my eye makeup a little more noticeable, which I like. I added ‘Cyprus Umber’ with a pencil brush to add depth to the outer corner and ‘Rustic’ to smudge it out. I then use a packing brush to pack on the shade ‘Bronze’. I didn’t really have a plan but that definitely seemed more autumn-esque.  I added ‘Noir’ to my lash line, I smugged it out with my finger so when I inevitably make a mistake with my eyeliner, it wouldn’t be as drastically noticeable.  Finally I got ‘Glistening’ to highlight my inner eye to make the all pretty. I use Benefit ‘They’re real’ eyeliner to create a tiny winged liner (most of the time I don’t wear eyeliner). Mascara  I used Benefit ‘BadGAL Bang’. I love that mascara, always been a fan of benefit eye makeup tbf. Didn’t actually do much to my brows, I just used Ardell ‘Brow Building Fiber Gel’. My eyeshadow was quite dramatic I felt I didn’t need too much product on my brows. I tend to do my eyebrows after my eyeshadow just because I want the shadow to be the main event  and my eyebrows to compliment. However, I do love a bold brow.

My face, I started with the Arbonne primer and then combined with the Arbonne Perfecting Liquid Foundation it creates the most beautiful, vegan glow. I use the colour “Alabaster” because I’m so white. I actually cheated and used the new Too Faced ‘Born This Way Super Coverage Multi-Use Sculpting Concealer’ in the colour ‘Snow’. Like the title says it is super coverage and I can use it as a highlighter too. To set under my eyes, surprise surprise I used the Arbonne translucent powder. I apply this to my under eyes then sweep the excess over the rest of my face to give me a light coverage and a dry base for when I apply any bronzer and blusher. Don’t want to look cakey. Often do. My bronzer and blusher are both Arbonne and like everything else they work really well together. My highlight however is STILA. I’ve had it for ages and absolutely love it. It’s the perfect contrast between natural and blinding highlight. I don’t really use a fan brush, it’s not what I’d choose, nothing wrong with it but I just use a Zoeva highlighting brush.

For my lips I used Jeffree Star Velour Liquid Lipstick in ‘RedRum’ which is literally the most perfect red. It’s matte but soft, doesn’t dry out your lips. My absolute Holy Grail.

I also did the exact same but with the orange shades. I used ‘Orange Soda’ as my base, ‘Burnt Orange’ as a transition shade, ‘Rustic’ to smoke things out and ‘Cyprus Umber’ to add depth. Then went in with ‘Bronze’ to widen my eyes, make them look more awake and just because it’s a pretty colour. I applied everything else in the exact same way. Mascara, I add about two or three layers because I like my spider leg lashes. Strangley with my concealer, I use a beauty blender then a stippling brush to apply my foundation. I sweep my powder in a circular motion with a big powder brush.


I love autumn, the colours, the weather, the food. Cold enough for a scarf but not too cold for coats, my favourite time of year (bar the dark mornings, not a fan).

I got the benefit ‘Brow Contour Pro’ eyebrow pen. I’ve been wanting to get it for ages, since it came out really. It’s pretty good, but the one thing I do really miss is the little spoolie on the end. Which all Benefit eyebrow brushes come with. So you have to buy a separate spoolie, which actually isn’t that big of a deal really, Also don’t know if I’ll use all the shades. It’s the first time I’ve used it and I’m not crazy about, that’s not to say it’s not good. ‘Precisely, My Eyebrow Pencil’ is my fave. The ‘BCP’ does have the darker shade which I find useful, sometimes you want a slightly darker colour. I know that’s the aim but …

Some people love it, some hate it but I don’t think it’s so bad. I agree that it’s quite pigmented and extrimley blendable so you don’t need a heavy hand but personally for me it’s not stand out amazing.

I need my eyebrows done tbf.

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