Side Hustle

It has been so bloody cold today. Regretting every life decision I have made that has not lead to me currently living in Spain. Which is pretty much every life decision. So cold.

Side Hustle has become my new favourite term. My side hustle at the moment is creating invitations but I really want to do that full time. It sounds like a silly fantasy but people say to dream big. Build the Biz as it were. Turn myself into a mini Boss Lady, listen to Beyoncé on a loop.

I like doing something more creative and if that means I can work from home, in my pyjamas, scrolling Instagram and Pinterest, then that’s what I’ll do. I get random bursts of inspo and love putting that down on card. I love the freedom to explore, if someone asks me for invitations and say “just something pink”, it’s great that I can do almost anything. But what I really love is when people give me specifics, I can still have fun, but I have guidelines otherwise I just get really carried away. I struggle to stay simple.

To help my side hustle game I’m taking a Jenna Kutcher 5 week entrepreneur course. “The Instagram Lab” is designed to help you boost your following and increase your client list via Instagram. Looks pretty decent and she has other ones too, I’ll try this one out and if I get on with it kinda want to go for the Pinterest one. Obviously it is aimed at photography, as that was her passion, so I just need to adapt. I just need to be prepared to learn.

I am also looking at designing an app, which you think would be fun but it’s confusing my little brain.

That’s also a side hustle.

A side side hustle.

Going to the gym tonight. That’s like a side hustle for the body …..

Okay I’ll stop now because I feel like I’m going to annoy everyone with this side hustle talk.


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