I don’t think you have the right to tell anyone else they need to lose weight. Unless they ask then you shouldn’t comment.

I like being thin. But does that mean I am trying to conform? I don’t know if it does. Getting a belly is not body confidence. Going to the gym even dieting in some respect, still means that you are confident in your own skin.

I don’t really like not eating a doughnut if I want one but I think, for me, I need to not be greedy.

Can’t beat myself up if I miss a gym session but if I would rather buy a size 8 pair of jeans rather than a 12, then is that really toxic behaviour? I think it might be, I am subconsciously telling myself that I am less beautiful if I have to buy a bigger pair of jeans.

If I have to kill myself to be a certain size then that’s going against what I believe in. Equally, going out of my way to be a certain size is also, well it’s just plain silly. What ever weight/size I am naturally, with eating everything in moderation and regular exercise is the best weight for me.

That’s Body Confidence, knowing that you are incredible whatever size you are or want to be.

Saying that, I can’t get out of my car atm, but lol.

I am currently sat in the hairdresser’s staring at my moon face with greasy hair drinking a caramel latte thinking about my PT session tomorrow.

If there ever was a white girl sentence it was that right there.

I’m thinking about what I want out of it, strength and posture are the main things but if I am completely honest I don’t dislike being the size I am. I don’t feel deprived or hungry. I’ll always want a flat stomach nut RN I am happy.

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