Just at the Right Time

20180913_195151.jpgThe other day, when I was having my meltdown, I went on the Aerie website. I love Aerie, they had done so much for body confidence. I really respect what they are doing. I saw that they had a blog and it came at the perfect time really. I read a post about how a lady started her own company. She was roughly my age when she decided the corporate life wasn’t for her. Life in a small office with mountains of paperwork wasn’t what she imagined her day to day career to be. She decided to work towards working for herself. She bought herself a camera for £300 off craigslist and started doing photography. Before long people where asking her to take pictures of their pets/children etc. That’s when she started photography, as she referred to it, as a side hustle. She worked hard, long hours, weekends but eventually made enough money to quit her corporate job.

It came at the best time really, at the time where I wanted to listen. She proved it was possible. Yes it won’t be easy, I need to work hard and I can’t be lazy, but it’s possible. I’m so much happier. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel.

Her name is Jenna Kutcher and she amazing. I follow her on isntagram and she is just goals. Everything she posts inspires me to do more, work that little bit harder towards what I want. I obviously only just started following her, but really glad I do. Major little fan girl of hers RN.

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