Arbonne Makeup

Arbonne, Arbonne, Arbonne. I’ve wanted to try their makeup range for a while but honestly I was sceptical. Their skin care range is amazing so I don’t know why I put off buying it for so long.

Honestly when the box arrived the first thought that went through my head was “is that really £400 worth of makeup?” But decent makeup costs a fair amount.

I was excited to try. I was actually quite nervous, Too Faced and Benefit are two of my favourite brands, I didn’t know how Arbonne would fair.

Face Makeup

Ngl the face makeup such as the foundation, primer, translucent powder, concealer even the blusher and bronzer is amazing. I applied the foundation so easily and I didn’t need much product at all. It feels light and has an almost velvet feel. So it’s not obvious that you’re wearing foundation. The concealer blends seamlessly and the powder is not cakey or heavy. Honestly I’m so so suprised by this. Too Faced “Born This Way” was my go to, I absolutely loved that foundation and comcealer but after trying Arbonne foundation I honestly think I’ll change, it’s amazing. I couldn’t recommend this foundation enough. The blusher again is beautiful but I think I will stick to benefit “Rockateer”. Arbonne bronzer though I was surprised by, I didn’t really know what to expect, but their bronzer isn’t too orange which makes it perfect for powder contour. Because I am ridiculously white it’s difficult to find a bronzer that isn’t too golden.

Arbonne base makeup definitely made a positive impact.

Eye Makeup

The eye makeup again is beautiful. You can choose your own eyeshadow colours which is great. They are mainly earthy, neutral tones pinks and browns which are right up my street anyway and the fact you can pick your own is really useful. You buy a pallet and end up only using four colours anyway. They reminded me of Urban Decay eyeshadow, very pigmented but easily blendable. The only thing I wish they did do was a few shimmer shades, a good sparkling highlight.

The mascara and the eyeliner are the products I was least impressed by. They’re really good products don’t get me wrong but in my opinion they do not stand above “BADgal BANG” mascara by Benefit. I found, personally to me, the eyeliner wasn’t anything special.

For these reasons don’t think I would jump at getting these products again.

One benefit is they are 100% vegan. So if you are vegan then these are the products for you. I do feel they are slightly on the pricey side but trust me your skin will look flawless.


The colour of the lipstick I absolutely love. The texture I love. But I love liquid lipstick just a little bit more. Just because I can put it on then go out for food/drinks and it won’t smudge or get everywhere.

Ultimately I’m definitely going to get the base makeup again, wouldn’t be opposed to getting the eyeshadow, blusher and bronzer. But I wouldn’t rush to get the mascara and eyeliner above other brands. However that isn’t me doubting how amazing it is. It has lasted for ages without setting spray.

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