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I hate vegan food. That’s not necessarily true but alot of these ‘clean eating’ vegan meals don’t look appetizing to me, they just don’t. I need to accept that and get into my head that being plant based isn’t the only way to be healthy. Yes, eating 10’000 burgers a day wouldn’t be very wise but equally eating 10’000 avocados is just as bad.

Healthy eating has slowly evolved into diet culture. It has slowly changed from everything in moderation, don’t deprive yourself of the things you enjoy.

To making better choices such as brown bread over white bread, almond milk over dairy milk, which I go by and when you think about it, it’s making you feel sinful for eating certain foods.

Over time healthy eating has become pure vegan green herbivore nourishment.

I need to chill, smashed avocado on sourdough toast is devine and that just happens to be vegan, not everything has to be gluten free tasteless lettuce. But you know what else I really like, bacon. Pigs are cute but bacon is tasty. Guess what I’m trying to say is like any commitmentfobe I don’t like labels.

As you are very aware by now, I fully support the body positivity movement. Celebrating different body shapes and sizes instead of hating yourself until you resemble Arianna Grande even if you are graced with a bum like J-Lo. However some people are criticizing this as people ignoring their health and avoiding looking after themselves. I don’t fully agree but I can see where they are coming from as I use that excuse to not go to the gym.

Body Positivity and Healthy Eating looks different on everyone. It’s not one size fits all. So if you do look different to your bestie in a bikini that shouldn’t matter, not one bit.

Saying that, I went to the gym yesterday, for the first time in five weeks … nearly died … 20 minuets of cardio, that’s not good.

I lost motivation to work out, I didn’t find the gym fun anymore. So I just stopped going for a while I took a break, longer than I should of, because I’m lazy. But I was at my boyfriends house and I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror and I cried, I hated my body. But that is so unbelievably stupid and I made a pact with myself to not go to the gym and eat right to lose weight. I’m going to the gym to be strong, it helps me with everything, driving, the little bit of walking I can do, standing, cooking even pushing myself. The other day (if you live in and around the Worcestershire area you will know) I went to Webbs with my mom, to go dog shopping, get little Toto (Toa) some toys, and I couldn’t push myself and I realised something that I already knew but ignored for so long. Everything for me is so much easier the stronger I am. That is my motivation.


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