Body Positivity

I promised myself I wasn’t going to neglect my blog, and what have I done, just that. The thing is I have no excuse, since my last post I have binged watched the last season of ‘Teen Wolf’ and the first season of ‘Insatiable’ whilst eating a tub, literally a tub of strawberry sour snakes …. no regrets.

But now because of my utter sloth like laziness this post is going to be babble rather than a genuine thought out post, pretty much my life, make it up as you go along.

I saw an Instagram post from an influencer I’ve followed for years. Obviously because I have been a fan for so long, I quite like her mindset and ngl her fashion and makeup (my style). But this one post in particular I didn’t like. Now I know you weren’t expecting that but sometimes shit happens #shook.

Anyway, this fairly recent post was a picture of her in a bikini (because it’s summer), posing, standard. The post was all about how she is working on her body and mind by going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week and for the first time in forever (if you didn’t sing that like Anna from frozen you’re missing out) she felt good in a bikini.

Now maybe I’m just being over sensitive but to me it seems to me that she is suggesting that the only way to feel okay in a bikini is by going to the gym 4/5 times a week….. that’s ridiculous. She is relying on the gym to achieve body confidence. I mean we all have goals when we go to the gym, everyone wants a flat stomach and tonned arms but we shouldn’t rely on that to feel good in a bikini, maybe I’m a hypocrite but I just don’t agree.

Going to the gym everyday is absolutely grand if that’s what you enjoy doing but having the goal to change your body to look ‘good’ in a bikini is not the right way to go. It’s almost not healthy. Mind you, what do I know, just found the ultimate excuse not to go to the gym.


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