Soooo …..

I had a dream, about mermaid’s (kind of) and now I am thinking about writing a book like Stephanie Meyer wrote Twilight.

Basically, can’t remember why, but there was a stumpy ginger girl with glasses stood in a cave saying “She’ll never remember me”. As she said this she walked around a corner, she came out of the cave and walked along what almost seemed like a stone pier. All around her was water, sea water to be exact and it was splashing, like the scene in the little mermaid where Ariel is singing on the rock?

Anyway this was obviously outside. She started to walk to the end of the pier, she wasn’t wearing any shoes but she was wearing a lovely frumpy outfit. Kind of like a cross between Thelma from Scooby Doo and Mrs Doubtfire, lovely. Anyway once she reached the waters edge my dream did the classic movie pan to show the entire surroundings. It was almost a sea filled dome. Like the Eden Project but with water….. She dived into the sea and that’s when it became first person. I finally lived my best life, swimming around as a mermaid. I don’t know what colour my tail was, I can make that up, depending on how I feel that day. As I was swimming (because that’s what mermaids do) I turned to my left to see a fever of stingrays travelling along. Underneath, a killer whale swam and to my right a group of mermaids and mermen congregated. I swam over to look at an old fashioned wanted poster of Archie Andrews because he had kidnapped Cheryl Blossom …. bloody Archie, never liked him. And then we heard a train …. in the sea dome …. it went around the edge of the water. Anyway when it got close, Theo from Teen Wolf, ran, actually ran not swam, across the water towards the train shouting a girls name, don’t know what name, don’t know why, maybe Archie kidnapped her too …. bloody Archie. Once the train had passed there was a tunnel, obviously leading back to the cave, could not of been though. I didn’t follow it. It was quite a big tunnel, don’t know how I missed it and that’s where my dream ended.

So basically this will be a scene in my book because it’s brilliant.

I’d actually love to be an author. I reckon I’d be quite bad at it though. I’m not very alliterate, not the best at describing things, my imagination only goes so far then just stops, kind of like a dream, I don’t have a flowing story. But writing a book must be nice, maybe one day.

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