Does This Post Have a Point?

At the  weekend, Saturday to be precise, I put on loads of makeup. Blues and oranges, used a corrector for under my eyes, didn’t really do much. All in all it took me around 2 hours and once I was finished I couldn’t be bothered to go out. I was channeling the mermaid vibes again but the thought of having to get dressed in this heat made me want to cry and that would ruin my makeup. So instead of going out, we had a bbq, in full glam ….. well not full glam, I wasn’t wearing eyelashes. It was a very nice BBQ, but typical me, being antisocial.

On more exciting news, my boyfriend is keeping a puppy!!! and I get to see it all the time!!! Toa (don’t get me started) Toa, the Springer Spaniel puppy, Very excited.

I have never been one of those really skinny girls, I’ve always had a belly but saying that I’ve never really been overweight. I am what you’d call a size 9. Sometimes a size 8 is too tight but then a 10 is too big so a 9 would be perfect.

I can be a size 6, I’ve got down to that before but I had to exercise for about an hour every day, eat no “cheat meals” what’s so ever. So it is possible, like most things, but it’s not obtainable. Working out that much isn’t me, I don’t fancy coming home every day and doing almost an hour of cardio just to look a certain way not because I enjoy it. Exercise is good for you, I understand that and some days I will feel super motivated an cycle for ages to movie soundtracks but other day’s I won’t and I don’t like feeling the pressure to exercise otherwise I will gain a dress size. At the moment I’m healthy. Don’t like my stomach but I didn’t really like it when I was a 6. I could eat a lot better, I’ll admit that, I am a fan of the good old crisp sandwich. But I eat 3 meals a day have really tried to up my water intake, I exercise, take vitamins, probably could do with eating more fruit than what I do (couldn’t we all) and then at the weekend i’ll eat pizza, have a proper ‘cheat day’.

Some day’s I do feel like this is just an excuse, that I’m just being lazy, but a few months ago I would stress myself out so much if I couldn’t go to the gym, I would tell myself I was fat, actually use the word disgusting. All because I enjoy doing something else with my time over working out. I like pizza, I like Netflix and there is nothing wrong with wanting to spend your weekend going for a coffee rather than going to the gym, there is nothing wrong with doing what you want to do. Sleep until noon, go on a hike, go to the gym, go for brunch, paint, bake, eat, go shopping, get your hair done, go on an adventure, do absolutely nothing at all. It’s your life and never feel bad for doing what you want, be yourself, have goals but don’t kill yourself trying to reach them.

Think back to school, when you used to hate PE. It’s not a sin to hate the gym, you are not some sort of demonic spirit if you have never been on a cross trainer, because going to the gym isn’t the answer to life. I like going to the gym, but doing anything like Pilates, you know that involves getting on the ground, I prefer to do that at home (probably because I’m weird) but honestly if I had all the fancy equipment at home I wouldn’t go. I think the only reason I do go to the gym is so I can buy ‘active wear’ and look semi okay in it. Saying that though I don’t think I’ll stop doing Pilates.

I saw the best body confidence post. It came from Stephanie Lange. She’s not even one of those social media fitness people but a ‘Beauty Guru’ ‘Influencer’ thing …. anyway she did a video on what she eats and her work out routine and it’s all really relatable. The picture she put on instagram to almost promote the video. It was two pictures side by side. The one she was stood up in he tiny bikini/underwear and the other was on her sat down, slouched, her stomach relaxed hanging over her shorts. It is literally my favorite picture, especially for me because I sit down all the time. It’s so stupid that you literally have to see it to believe it but it actually made me feel a bit more normal “my stomach looks like that when I sit down”. I also liked it because she wasn’t exaggerating. She wasn’t sat in an unrealistic position, it’s relatable.

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