Podgy Posture

So I went shopping the other day. With my mom and my nan …. family affair. They wanted outfits for my sisters wedding, I wanted makeup it was a win win. I needed to restock my makeup supply. I looked for my trusty too faced concealer but they didn’t have my shade. So instead of just going for ‘fair’ instead of ‘very fair’ I stupidly, idiotically went for a completely different concealer. I picked up the Stila ‘Aqua Glow’ concealer and honestly I really don’t like it. I mean like the ‘Aqua Glow’ foundation it is very light and dewy so doesn’t feel like you are wearing makeup at all but for me it doesn’t give me the coverage I look for. I also find it very easy to waste product. I squeeze out more than is needed and I feel its difficult to blend then. I also need a new powder brush because my powder brush is old and crappy, could do with a new eyeshadow pallet….. but I bought a laptop, can’t really afford any new makeup this month….. but next month is a different story.

Anyway we went to John Lewis in Solihul. Quite a big John Lewis but I was a little disappointed in them. I know I know, how will they survive, I am disappointed. It did kinda piss me off though. Now my nan isn’t a small woman but she’s 85 she can eat what she wants. That makes her sound morbidly obese, she isn’t, she’s like an 18 and everything (bar the trousers she actually wanted) they didn’t have her size in anything. I said they might have it out back and should I ask? But that’s awful really isn’t it, I shouldn’t have to ask, they should accommodate all customers not hide sizes out back. This wasn’t just ‘plus size’ so I’m not getting at anything prejudice like that but their stock in general is ridiculous. For example, my mom picked up a navy midi dress with lace detail. The only size’s stocked were a 14, 12 and 10 and not numerous items, just 3. 3 dresses, that was it. So not only would someone who wore an 18 struggle, but so would someone who wore a size 6. Their only option would be to try a dress that is too big, and that kind of defeats the object and for such a big store the response “you can order it online” really isn’t good enough. It’s the same with the underwear. The knickers where only stocked in a 12 or an 8 and a matching bra was either a 32DD, 34B or 38C …… really? Now I could maybe understand if I was looking at about 5:00, end of the day that their stock may have been bought already, but when you’re shopping mid day they really need to up their game.

Speaking of sizing, I was reading an Instagram post the other day from our favorite Geordie, Vicky Pattison. An article was left about her, labeling her unhealthy and she was not too happy to say the least and I can see why tbf. They did a timeline of her weight of how she lost so much and how she has gained a little bit. I honestly think it’s disgusting. Like she said they forgot to mention that she is a best selling author, raised awareness for countless charities, she is a body confidence ambassador etc. but for whatever reason the tabloids decided not to publicize any of the other notable things she has done in her life and she automatically becomes a size, and just because she enjoys eating doughnuts every now and then does not make her unhealthy. She has helped me a lot with body confidence and I don’t think that should be taken away from her. Or anyone for that matter.

I had those pictures taken. Basically Hollie just followed me around like my PA. Always wanted one, I deserve one …. but I do have such a podgy little moon face I equally have a podgy posture. How can you have podgy posture you ask, I don’t exactly know but I have one. I must sit up straight. Probably doesn’t help that I wear baggy jumpers that just swamp me.

This jumper is from Missguided and I love it. It is pink and says Calabasas which just sums me up really. I wanted to wear it with white jeans but you know white jeans and a wheelchair don’t really go. So my ripped Molly Jeggings from River island were a good substitute. But if I have a photo-shoot again, next time I will do my hair.


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