Hen Do

I knew I should of blogged the Hen Do because I don’t think I can remember most of it. One thing I can remember is that I am definitely not a wine fan, bloody wine.

I think most people had a good time, there were 13 of us in total, which was actually quite a nice number, quite a big group but didn’t feel too crowded.

Friday was just basically arrive, eat pizza and drink wine …. bloody wine. There was however a caterpillar cake which is just cake goals.

Saturday was the main day. We went wine tasting …. bloody wine. People seemed to enjoy that. Then had a chill in the afternoon, the air bnb we stayed in had a swimming pool and a hot tub and the weather was actually quite good in the afternoon.

Then Saturday evening we had a glorified house party ft Dan (aka the butler in the buff) classy as always. As well as Dan there was a ridiculous amount of alcohol and drinking games. What more do you want, naked men and alcohol. So all in all a good night.

Sunday, was just basically recovery. We went on a walk to a village that had a pub and a post office…. that was closed.

Now when I say walk, I do mean my sister pushed me the whole way like the queen. I got a nice tan though.

Anyway once we got back we made jewellery like stereotypical girls.

It was a really good weekend.


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