Makeup and Cocktails

I am so disappointed in myself. I use my weekends to put on a ridiculous amount of makeup because I have the time to sit down for two hours and put about 30 products on my face but I didn’t have time this weekend and why didn’t I have time, because I went out for cocktails ….. with my nan ….. No. I did go for lunch with my nan, also my mom and I just happened to have a fruity pink cocktail, and then I was just staying in for the evening so there was really no point. Same for Sunday (minus lunch and cocktails) and then by the time I could be bothered it was half 5 and I wasn’t going anywhere so just wasting makeup. But now I have a desire to put so much on, blue, black, red, vibrant pink. God knows what I will look like. But you know, try it, why not.

I did however wear my new sunglasses. They make me look like a bug but pros and cons to everything. Like I said they are huge just like my head, but I really like them. Most likely because they engulf my moon face but never the less, they are joyous. They are from Quay Australia (that I literally pronounced Q – U – A – Y not key and I will never be able to live that down). Anyhow, they are basically oversized Aviators with a reflective blue lens. Love, love them. I also got some pink ones so I might try them on Wednesday. Dazzle everyone with my pink sunnies, different style.

I might wear my blue sunglasses to my sister’s Hen Do ….. know I keep waffling on about it, not going to stop. Sorry. Oooo I might take both, going for the weekend soooo.

I’ve changed my outfit plan …. again. Right, I got some checked trousers from New Look, they are almost paperbag trousers, grey with a slight green check. I really like them, they have a belted tie waist and they look really comfy. However, they don’t stretch, so they glide on, up over my newly bronzed legs, and they do glide, because they are loose and then they reach my bum and that is as far as they go. Great. So, I said goodbye to my green check paper bag trousers and got some red flared hem leggings from ASOS. I got them in a size 8 because size 8 leggings normally fit me, if they don’t … well. Now when I say red I mean RED. Like Cheryl Blossom red, that woman. I was planning on wearing a white shirt/blouse with them. It’s fairly see through so I’m thinking a white bralett. Then I have a cropped grey blazer and a light grey baker boy hat. Shoes, I didn’t know if I should go black Timberlands or brown boots from American Eagle, maybe the Timberlands, I don’t know, they might be too hot …. sliders? Idk, I’ll figure it out. I got some pearl jewelry from New Look also along with some stud earrings because I’m lazy and can’t be bothered to change them. Makeup wise, I really want to go for an electric blue but I don’t know how much time I’ll have and I’ll either take the Naked3 pallet with me or Soft Glam,maybe Modern Renaissance, tbf probably all 3. So I can go for a soft taupe, let the trousers take the attention. In the evening I have a yellow wrap around dress with red shoes. Probably red lips, eyeshadow is a decision yet to be made. On the Sunday, I just have grey trousers and a black top.

PYJAMAS! I haven’t thought about pyjamas …. we have bridesmaids nighties …. is that a bit too “look at me, look at me” (in Kat Stratford voice) can I buy some more …… ooooo, I’ll have a look tonight. UNDERWEAR!! god, I’m so underprepared. Hoodie, leggings and sliders on Monday. Done. Simple.

Also, what should I do with my hair, should I straighten it? Curl it? Put it up? Probably won’t put it up, lets be fair. It’s really easy to straighten so probably do that but once it’s curled it lasts for ages and looks less greasy. Urgh for gods sake why is this so important to me. Either way there will be a lot of pictures.

Also want to try pink gyn. My sister hates pink, so what am I doing making her whole Hen Do pink …. because I am a great and loving sister. Well it’s Rose Gold, more sophisticated. I’m getting pink doughnuts though. TOUGH, you’re just the bride. You’re not important.

Need to stop going on about the Hen Do. I’m a little excited though, feel like a party planner.


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