Pure Waffle

I kind of think people are going to be disappointed if they read this blog post that it’s not about a waffle. I kind of want one now …

I tried the New Too faced makeup I bought. I don’t know what I expected really, it’s Too Faced, it’s flawless. The foundation goes on so easy, blends really well with my skin and because of this you don’t actually need too much product. But if you do want more coverage, you can because it doesn’t feel cakey or heavy on your skin. You don’t feel like your wearing makeup which I like because I do wear many products so the lighter the better. It’s pricey, but worth it, I’m such a fan. I genuinely am so happy. I’m really happy with Chocolate Soleil, it’s such a beautiful colour and smells divine. The foundation and the bronzer matches my light/medium tan perfectly, I feel so superior, until I look at my hands ….

It’s nice and sunny today and it’s meant to be sunny all weekend, which is making me want to go on a walk, well, you know. Annnnnnd, I can show off my tan …… I’M TANNED!! And this tan is lasting, fading a bit but it’s going on 5 days, so, I’m just very excited right now. All because of makeup, if only I could get this animated about politics, or big world issues but no, I am excited because I found the perfect tan ….

Saturday I am going to try all the orange shades in my ‘Soft Glam’ palette. Not really feeling the orange but I’ll give it a go, orrrrr I can combine the pinks from ‘Modern Renisance’ with the pinks from ‘Soft Glam’ …. no, enough with the pink, life starts outside your comfort zone right? So I’m going for orange and I’m going to like it. Do also want to try blue, like an electric blue, probably in the same style, blue dome shape with a darker smokey/messy cut crease, highlight in my inner coners and a black wing. Think of keeping it quite matte but If I added a shimmery green/white It would give me a mermaid vibe, and that’s never bad. Oooh I’m quite liking this idea, really want to try that now. I haven’t got the money to buy more makeup at the moment, I’ve been on a splurge. But the next time.

I want to get a tattoo, on my face. No, on my wrist I think, probably mentioned it before. Who knows I can’t remember. Want it to say “silver lining” because “every cloud has a silver lining” but seriously everything could always be worse. Bad stuff happens but it’s not going to go away on it’s own, it’s how you deal with it and however you deal with it is down to you. No one can tell you that the way you’re coping isn’t right, at the end of the day if something is on your mind, talk about it, that’s the only way you can move on. People will respect you for being honest with them. But listen to them too, try to understand because even if their way of dealing with stuff seems messed up to you, it’s right by them. I’m not saying you can’t disagree or get angry, disagree until you’re blue in the face, don’t change your morals and standards for someone else. But respect that’s how they feel and honestly if they “can’t deal with a wheelchair right now” that’s their problem, it’s also their loss because you are so much more than a piece of equipment. You don’t pick your friends by their legs ….. and for that 1 person that is so small minded, there are millions who see you for you. I’m waffling, so I hope this makes some sort of sense, basically some people are right for you, some people aren’t and the way they show that to you happens differently for lots of different reasons. I’m not just talking about disabilities, obviously that’s what I get the most, but any vice. If people use that for a reason not to be around you, especially when you can’t help it, they’re really not worth it, but there will be someone that is. Don’t worry about people that “can’t deal” with you they just don’t run in the same herd as you. Don’t stress because you have the people you’re meant to have, you’re right where you need to be. Learn and grow and help people who want your help, but don’t be offended if they don’t, you do you. Does any of this make sense?

How did I get on to this? I was talking about makeup, makeup is joyous and colourful. A subject of slightly toxic relationships is not joyous and colourful.

Live your life like a unicorn. Or any animal really.


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