Tan for the Pale

I’m feeling all superior and bronzed. Well, a little bronzed. At the weekend I tried Bondi Sands tanning foam in ‘light/medium’ and I’m actually really happy with the colour. It’s really quite subtle and because I am undeniably pasty it adds colour to my ice white skin. I am curious about the ‘Dark’ but for right now this shade is prefect for spring. I’m thinking about trying the dark in the summer or for special occasions such as my sisters hen do and obviously the wedding. I am looking forward to summer and how easy it is to get dressed. That sounds so stupid but you can just throw on a strappy maxi dress and flip-flops and go. Rather than tights, socks, jeans, thicker socks, boots, jumper, scarf, gloves, coat, hat. You can just wear a nice summery dress.

Anyway, getting back to the point.

I mixed a wash off tan with my super white foundation and stupidly didn’t put any primer on so it tuned into a gloopy mess that refused to blend so I’ll have to put a ridiculous amount of moisturizer on later which will not be fun. Anyway because I’m lazy and used my hand as my blending pallet andthe makeup intended for my face has left a giant tan stain on my hand so I am currently sat here with a bronzed blob on my left hand which I need to wash off but I’m hungry and need a coffee so right now it can stay.

Right I have eaten and had my coffee. Still not washed the blob off, but …. every cloud

I’m undecided what to do foundation wise. I mean mixing a little bit of fake tan with my foundation just becomes fairly difficult to blend and it dries out my skin but can I justify spending all that money on a foundation that I’ll only use when I can be bothered to fake tan? The other option is to get my normal foundation then cover it in bronzer, preferably ‘Chocolate Soleil’ from Too Faced. I’ll try that. I know this is all very interesting stuff, news worthy but you know, it’s the big questions that most girls have. I mean it is trial and error. The tan works okay when I use a primer but I can’t promise myself I always will, I forget and then get issues when trying to add coverage, basically it looks patchy but I don’t want to cake the foundation on because for me that is never a good look. I mean right now, I have foundation so all I need to buy is bronzer then if it doesn’t work like I hope it too I can use the it like you are supposed to. No harm no foul. The next big question, ‘Milk Chocolate Soleil’ or ‘Chocolate Soleil’ oh god, maybe both? They are £25 each, definitely not getting both. I do however have the Too Faced ‘Snow Bunny’ bronzer so if I find ‘Chocolate Soleil’ too dark then I have a lighter alternative. Saying that, it is buildable, so maybe ‘Milk Chocolate Soleil’ is the way forward, you can always add more product but taking it away is near impossible without removing everything you’ve already done, and I don’t have time to do that. Reading the reviews, the reviews are pretty much the same on both. That’s a lie ‘Milk Chocolate Soleil’ only has two and the one is complaining about the amount of product you get for the price, but a lot of people with light/medium skin, which is me atm, are using ‘Chocolate Soleil’ so I think I will got for that one. Because like I said I have ‘Snow Bunny’ so if I stop using fake tan I won’t be stuck but if I go slightly darker I can just build on the product I already use. My issue is at the moment I look dirty, you know when you get a spray tan and then you need to wash off the excess so you have a beautiful golden glow. My face looks like that, the wash off the excess stage. Great. But you make mistakes to learn from them.

I bought some foundation too ….. I have no will power. I got ‘Born This Way’ (obviously) in the shade ‘Vanilla’, which is a little darker but comfortably light/medium. More light than medium but as I got ‘Chocolate Soleil’ not ‘Milk Chocolate Soleil’ it won’t be too dark, hopefully.

I am stressing about when to reapply, I was thinking maybe Tuesday, but that actually might be too soon. I put a layer on, Saturday, wanted a deeper colour so reapplied Sunday. So Thursday might be a good shout or maybe Friday, wash off Saturday? Then Tuesday, wash off Wednesday, Sunday morning wash off Sunday evening. Perfect. Got my little routine sorted, maybe I could get an Instant/wash off tan if I’m going out and it’s starting to look a little patchy.


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