Positivity, that’s my theme of the week ….. no but in all seriousness I feel like that’s been playing on my mind quite a bit recently. A big drama happened the other day and it hit a nerve didn’t it. So I want to cleanse my mind, detox as it where, their problems are not mine. Maybe I should try meditation …. drink herbal tea to heal my soul. Basically stop being such a negative little turnip, because we all know turnips are the angriest vegetable ….

Everything could be worse. Which it could and I know that but I sometimes have to remind myself of that in order to let things go. The anger is only hurting me, but sometimes I find it easier to get space from what I can’t be around. Sometimes I don’t know how to deal with things. Space is my friend.

I am a moaner, I do like a good moan but I need to start focusing on positive thoughts. See the good in situations. But I also want to protect myself from a negative outcome, but hiding away from everything that could hurt you is no way to live your life. It’s like ripping off a plaster, just do it and you’ll feel better for it.

It’s the principal. Actions speak louder than words. I am stubborn though.

Moving on

I bought some more facemasks the other day. To make you glow, which it does. It’s Orange and makes you look like you’ve badly applied fake tan, but it works. Which is brilliant. It also has a slight exfoliating agent. However, the best exfoliator I use is an £8 Coffee Scrub from Amazon. I feel instantly cleaner and softer. I also bought some fake tan. I really wanted a dark one but I got scared and went for light/medium. Bondi Sands, it says to leave it on for a deeper colour, might do that. What I am dubious about though is putting the tan on my face. It says you can but I’m a little worried. So I got an instant wash off tan so I can mix in a tiny bit in with my foundation or I could just buy darker foundation idk.

I mainly got the tan because I am so white and my bridesmaid dress is that powdery, pastel pink basically the same colour as my skin. so I thought a tan would look quite nice in summer, I’ll try.


I did it again. I got all upset because I couldn’t go to the gym. Thought I was fat and ugly. I felt disgusting.

That’s wrong that thought, just because I’m not perfectly toned doesn’t mean I’m disgusting, by any means. Running myself down isn’t good for healing my mind….. If I really wanted to I can exercise at home. Enough with feeling unworthy and making myself feel down. The thing is social media isn’t real. People manipulate their pictures. We all know this yet we all still get down when we don’t constantly have the tiny waist and the big shapely bum at all angles. It’s just tricks to cover up what you don’t want people to see. You pose, it’s not natural. My pictures are not completely natural. Yes, it’s my face, my smile, my makeup but I flip my hair, twist my head, tilt my head, pout, smile, look down, bite my lip, all these things just for a picture. And I don’t constantly look like my instagram in good lighting and with a filter, so why would my stomach constantly be the flattest it could be. At the end of the day I need to focus on my attitude and outlook on life, rather than if I have eaten one too many doughnuts the day before.


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