Soft Glam

I am so bad at doing other peoples makeup. That’s it, that’s my blog post. Enjoy.

I am a self taught MUA. No I’m really not, basically because I don’t really know what I’m doing. One thing I am struggling with atm is my powder. It sets my foundation nicely but it oxidizes under my eyes really quite a lot. It goes quite yellow. It makes me look like I have some sort of jaundice. I’m not sure if it’s the powder or maybe my brush. I really don’t want to change my concealer because it doesn’t crease but I wanted to get some fake tan so I might change concealer just to try. to see if it likes my powder anymore. The two are both ‘Too Faced’ so they should be compatable so it is likely just my face. Ngl probably won’t change my concealer. I lied to you, I’m sorry.

Do need to get some more makeup though, I’M RUNNING OUT an expensive month. Holding out until the weekend until I get paid, woohoo!

Anyway, for my birthday I got the new Anastasia Beverly Hills palette “Soft Glam” and not to be dramatic but it is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I tested it out at the weekend and wore far too much I do admit but the colours are just absolute goals. They are really pigmented and all complement my eyes and skin tone. I also used the Zoeva eye brush set. There is a “Dusty Rose”, which makes the perfect base and transition shade. I applied this shade in a dome shape blending colour onto my brow bone. When I was younger my sister hit me in the face with a golf club …. to which I needed stitches in my left brown bone. This joyful story actually serves me well because the scar acts like a marker to how high I need to apply my shadow. I then used the colour “Rose Pink” which is a pigmented shimmery pink, that I put ontop of the “Dusty Rose” to highlight and brighten. I put it on the mobile lid as Stephanie Lange would say. I then used the colour “Mulberry” to create a soft messy cut crease. This is a rich, burgundy pink. It defined my eyes nicely, it blended well with the “Dusty Rose” and it makes my eyes pop. I used a smaller more defined brush to create a sharper more obvious cut crease with the shade “Rustic”. It’s a deepish brown, dark enough to add depth and shadow to my eyes but not too dark that the colour engulfed all the lighter shades. I used “Noir”, which surprise surprise is a black, along the lash line and to make a slightly smokey wing. I don’t normally wear black eye shadow, I can’t deal with my inevitable panda eyes that I always manage to create. However I felt like living life on the edge at the weekend, reckless. Curiosity killed the cat as it were yet I did not manage to ruin the look with “noir”. I was victorious and ultimate black eyeshadow queen …. I then darkened my bottom lashline with “Mulberry” and a thin line of “Rustic” in the bottom outer corner. I then highlighted with the shade “Fairy”. I finished off the look with my basic face makeup, my standard brow routine and BadGAL Bang Mascarra. I used Anastasia Beverly Hills nude lipstick in “Dead Rose”. I’m undecided how I feel about the colour but I really like the name, say’s a lot about me.

Currently I am wearing no makeup, took the plunge. I mean the last time I did this I got so many little comments it made me cry. haha. “are you okay?” “you look tired” “was it a late night?”, like it’s literally just my face. This is the way I look. Great.

Seriously though, I love makeup as much as the next but you need to feel comfortable without it. People need to stop feeling entitled to negatively comment on my face but that is rather unlikely to happen. I mean I do it all the time. I just need to focus on the good 🙂

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