I don’t know what this Post is about.


So I know this picture is meant to be all cute “aww look at my mom” good old Jan. Buttttt I really like my eyebrows on this picture …. I’m sorry for being so vain but I do. I mean look at them, I have no makeup on, main reason for the sunglasses but that’s not important, LOOK!! I am very excited about this silly fact, like I appreciate everything about that day, which was actually yesterday, but I just appreciate my eyebrows a little bit more. Sorry.

I appreciated the sun. I mean this is a standard beer garden pic, stereotypical English people in the sun, and I am most surprised that I didn’t burn. My white flesh burns in the snow so you know. But because it was hot I wore a sleeveless light blue top with a mustard cardigan and ripped blue jeans. I came out with the comment “but I’m too tubby for a vest top”, no. I must love my body. I wouldn’t let anyone else say that, so I need to stop. Self love, you are beautiful, stop complaining about your muffin top.

Saying that though, I go to the gym with my sister as you know, I do a lot of cardio. Actually it’s really not that much around 30-40 minuets 2/3 times a week (so really not that much at all) and it is an uncommon thought in the social media love of fitness, but I actually find doing weights really boring. The most affective way for me to get that strong back and little waist I aim for is to ‘lift’, but I really don’t want to. I mean it’s awkward lifting weights for me anyway and because I don’t have the little muscles that control my big muscles I have to use small weights but do loads of reps like 25 x 4 and it takes forever. Or the smith machine is actually quite good to be fair, but I need someone to help me and I just would rather go on the exercise bike because I can do that on my own. I mean by the time I’ve done 4 sets a bicep curls that’s 20 minuets gone and I’m not majorly in to fitness and going to the gym so I like to keep my workouts to about 40 minuets because well I just like to nap. I don’t mind strength exercises, like squats, bridges, Pilates type exercises. I can’t do lunges because its just too much for my muscles and everything, I mean they would probably be very good for me. Maybe I should start. These type of exercises I can do from home and I quite enjoy doing ‘floor exercises’ while watching TV. Stretches and crunches. It doesn’t take long either 20 – 30 minuets and I’m done, so I do these when I don’t go to the gym just to keep me supple and my muscles active. So strength training and cardio I like but weights are yucky.

I think it’s because I push myself around all day, so I’m using my arms and when it comes to having to lift little weights over and over again I just can’t be bothered. Equally I don’t get the opportunity to use my legs that much during the day so getting my heart rate up by doing something fairly quick, I enjoy.

So I think the point that I am trying to make is that if I didn’t have a shred of body confidence I would be lifting weights to try and change the way I look.

I was thinking that I don’t actually want to be skinny, it’s too much effort. What I want is a figure like Iskra Lawrence. Going to have to lift in order to do that ….. ugh, weights, WHY!! They are super good for you but …..

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