So I had an appointment in London today. Came all this way, got up at 6 this morning (and I am very lazy) all for it to be cancelled when I get there. Ffs.

So I’m currently sat in Starbucks, as per.

Well that was yesterday and they decided to do my appointment so it wasn’t a wasted journey.


Right now I’m on my way to Dartmoor. Not wearing at all what I said. Well I am kinda. Got my leather jacket but right now I’m wearing my ripped, cropped black jeans from ASOS, a white knitted jumper from River Island. Side note, this jumper was an absolute bargin. I’m pretty sure I’ve mentioned it before. It features some pretty little pearls and the jumper itself was from the petite section, which is good because I am the size of a pea. Anyway what makes it such good value is that it was reduced from £45 to £20. Shocking I know, bet you weren’t expecting that little revelation. Now that I’ve blown your mind I can get back to the very interesting story of how I am wearing grey boots instead of uggs. Fascinating I know. But they go well with my Baker Boy hat I bought from New Look. Emphasis on bought, I am no theif.

Fun fact, these grey boots. I got from Clarks 8 years ago. Still going strong.

Should I talk you through my makeup. Is anyone really that bothered to know that I am wearing the basic makeup I normally wear. I have changed a few things though. My mascara for example. Benefit brought out a new mascara ‘Bad Girl BANG’ and I really like it. It gives me the look of false eyelashes and I like that definition. I have also recently started wearing Too Faced ‘Snow Bunny’ Bronner which helps me skip contouring, because I’m too lazy for that. Equally I have gone back to using Stila highlight in ‘transendance’. It works well for me and gives me more of the glow I aim for. Goals …. I’m not wearing any lipstick today though. Mainly because we are having a picnic for lunch but also because I’m lazy and couldn’t be bothered. A regrettable decision

The hotel room is big and spacious. Really well thought out for wheelchairs. Three Crowns Inn, Chagfod if you wanted to check it out. The staff are really friendly, good food and super comfy beds.


Today is my birthday, day of birth, name day if you will and my boyfriend nearly killed himself pushing me up a hill but we drove around the moors listening to the hobbit soundtrack and now we are eating snacks while watching the grand national.

I’m kinda wearing what I said I would. Just instead of the cropped black jeans from ASOS, I’m wearing my distressed Molly jeggings from River Island and I’ve squeezed my little tubby belly into a double layered, long sleeved bodysuit in brown, from Oh Polly. Instead of a jumper tied around my waist, I wore a blue cardigan from New Look and the grey boots. The main reason I changed my outfit was because on Friday I skillfully threw a cup of Coffee and Hot Chocolate all over me and my boyfriends car …. because I am so poised and graceful. I did however wear my brown leather jacket. So I kept that the same.

But anyway, we started the day with a walk, outside the town, genius idea. Recently purchased some push handles, they are really not attractive but they make things easier if people need to push. I can take them off, I feel vulnerable with them on, almost exposed. I know that sounds weird but I genuinely do feel, yeah, vulnerable. However the handles may provide a better grip but I don’t think the moors are the best place for a wheelchair, I mean I don’t really think things through. I mean I took into account the hills but I really didn’t think about how steep the hills are, which is fairly obvious really or how narrow and sometimes uneven the paths would be. I live in my own little world of bliss. I think the issue is that the last time I went to Dartmoor I could walk so the hills and what not didn’t affect me as much as they did this time. Saying that, even though my boyfriend has now experienced what death feels like, I had a whale of a time. Saw a stream, a pony. Needless to say though, the walk (well my equivalent) was not a long one.

When I went to Canada with my two friends, Hollie figured out the easiest thing to do was plan. It sounds so simple writing it down, we literally sound so stupid, but instead of just saying “Thursday we will go on a walk” or “Friday we can go into the city” actually plan how to get there. Basically take all spontaneity out of your life …. no, it’s just you have more to think about so it just makes things a little easier on you

You know what annoyed me, that I couldn’t move past, is that I forgot my eye makeup … I didn’t have eyelash extensions so I could wear stupid eyeshadow and stupid eyeliner, but no, NO. I forgot the stupid shimmery pin pallet so was forced to wander around for the whole weekend looking like a blind rat because I couldn’t define my pea eyes.

I also thought our meal was at 7:30 but it was at 7:00 so I didn’t have time to put on my dress for the meal. In the grand scheme of things, like poverty and famine, me not being able to wear my £75 dress to my meal at a 5 star hotel is absolutely ridiculous. I should not be moaning about that but alas, the materialistic little princess in me gets bothered by these situations.

Despite my outfit and makeup crisis I had a lovely meal. Which really isn’t surprising. My lack of eyelashes doesn’t really determine the quality of my food does it? Let’s be honest.


I’m on my way back today. I don’t have a maxi dress on like I said I would and thank god because it’s tipping it down. I’m wearing grey joggers, from M&S. The one in Longbridge, everyone loves M&S Longbridge. I am wearing the same bodysuit from Oh Polly but this time its in grey. Everything is grey, coordinating that day. Also wearing super comfy clothes. That’s about it in regarding my outfit. Inspiring.

Should I brag about my presents, don’t know if I should or not. Stay humble, that’s what I’ll do. So I got gifts. Nice ones.


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