My Week

I’ve been pretty distant lately but it’s hard to know what to say. I went out with my best friend Friday night. She asked what I’d been up to, she had just come back from Spain, and honestly I couldn’t think of anything. Surely I’d done something, I’ve just been wandering around. I went shopping on Wednesday to the big New Look in Malvern. But surely I’d done more than that. Truth is, I hadn’t. Worked out a bit, got my nails done and watched a ridiculous amount of Netflix…. that’s it, all week. So what am I doing right now, writing a blog post on my phone whilst drinking a Toffee Nut Latte, productive. Then suprise suprise going to the gym. Tomorrow I’m going for breakfast at bonds because bonds is beautiful. Afterwards I am getting my eyebrows done and my nails then Wednesday I’m going out with my best friend again and probably go to the gym. Thursday I have to go to London and my boyfriend is coming over Thursday night because Friday we are going to the land of wild ponies which is Dartmoor. So I’m making up for not doing anything last week.

However I am glad I went shopping. I do like New Look. It’s fashionable meet the parents clothes. Sexy but appropriate. Guaranteed to look pretty and fierce boss lady all in one go.

It was the first time going shopping and buying a size 10 and feeling fabulous. Clothes don’t feel tight and uncomfortable. I still buy 8’s and the occasional 6. I think once you realise that the size of clothes doesn’t determine you or your success in life, you’re winning. Ultimately what I’m saying is I’m not a size 10, I’m me and I buy what fits I’m not putting myself in a box.


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