Another Body Confidence Post

The whole body confidence concept confuses me sometimes. I have just grasped the idea to buy sizes that fit rather than insist on being a size 6. People have pushed that idea and I’ve only just accepted it. And just because you go to the gym and diet doesn’t mean you’re not body confident or that you’re not happy in your skin. It just shows that you like being active.

But what confuses me is that certain YouTubers, bloggers, Instagramers (myself included) preach self love and to accept your body but then go on a summer cut or lose that 2lbs they’ve put on during their holiday. But why? If we are meant to love our bodies then why do I need to lose weight? You tell me to put on a bikini and be happy and I’m getting to the stage where I am, but would they?

I used to eat pizza pretty much every Friday night. I’ve stopped doing that and ngl I do feel better for it. Even though I love pizza and I could never give it up, because pizza brings joy.

Another part of me thinks that dieting and eating clean is like makeup for your body. You’re not changing anything just trying to look the best version of yourself and that’s personal to each individual. You are beautiful if you wear 10 layers of foundation or if you would rather not spend your time highlighting your cheekbones.

I put too much thought into body confidence. I spend the majority of these blogs just trying to convince myself I’m doing the right thing. I need to understand that if I want pizza to eat the bloody pizza but if I don’t then that’s okay too. I’m not suddenly becoming insecure about my weight or anything. Just stop stressing.

One of my favourite social media influencers is Stephanie Lange, she always has been, mainly because she isn’t judgy, doesn’t tell you how to live your life, doesn’t tell you have to do something a certain way. Personally I am not vegan, have no motivation to be plant based. Honestly I don’t really understand the benefits of being vegan and I think it would make me unhappy and that’s what I’m trying to eradicate. Anyway Stephanie is vegan, she talks about some of the reasons she is plant based in a few of her YouTube videos. She explains how eating a vegan diet works for her, she feels better for it. However that is were it ends. She doesn’t try and say that you must eat only plants to feel good about yourself and if you eat a burger you’re disgusting and are going to hell …. because you’re not. I respect her for that. Which is why I have been a fan of hers for a long time. Her videos are to the point and what you’re expecting to see.

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