Bridesmaid Makeup

Once again, doing another post about makeup. I do like makeup.

I’m thinking about wedding makeup, tbf I have been thinking about wedding makeup before my sister even got engaged. She has decided against getting an MUA to do the makeup because she doesn’t want anything extravagant. She always keeps her makeup fairly simple, subtle winged eyeliner and a nude lip. Me on the other hand, I need to be tamed. Definitely doing a cut crease because I need to widen my little cow eyes. But it needs to be subtle. Subtle and soft that is my motto for the day. Pink’s/ Taupe’s maybe a bit of orange, browns to just add definition and make my eye look a bit Smokey. Naked 3 by Urban Decay is good for that. See what I mean, I need to calm down.

I want to buy a decent primer, so I think a trip to Sephora is needed. The only one the UK currently has is in London so it’s either that or Beauty Bay. I take advice of NikkieTutorials ( for primer. I’m not very good at using them. I always forget to put them on, don’t really know what I’m looking for either. I  don’t like anything too oily, I put moisturizer on before foundation so it can sometimes get too gloopy. I use benefit Skincare and it works really well for me. It can be a little expensive but really does last a long time. Speaking of benefit, they do a really nice primer, that I should use more often. Too Faced also do a nice one called Hangover Cure. These ones work well for me so I don’t see why I’m moaning really, I should just get those. However, Nikkie uses Amazing Cosmetics Illuminate Primer Highlighter in the shade “Glow” and we all know how much I love my dewy glam shine so I may give this a go.

I use brushes to apply my base. This is really down to personal preference. Some people don’t like the feel of a brush when applying their foundation however I feel I can work with a brush better. I use the Sigma 3DHD Kabuki brush to buff my foundation and my concealer also. Then I use a Zoeva buffer brush to blend. I love Zoeva brushes because they are so soft and are in pretty colours. I however set my concealer with Too Faced setting powder and I do this with a sponge. No sponge in particular, just anyone I can get my hands on.  I then brighten my under-eyes with Benefit Dandilion Sparkle powder and a Zoeva Highlighter brush in Rose Gold. The first time I applied this product under my eyes I was just being lazy. It’s technically a highlighter and that probably isn’t the most advised place to put your highlighter. However I really liked it and now I do it all the time. My eyes are open and bright and awake.

For Contour I’ll probably use the Hoola Contour stick by Benefit. It’s so easy to use and it blends so well and I’m a big big fan. The only reason I don’t use it for my day to day looks is because of my whiteness it can just be a little too bronzy so while I’m pale I stick to Snow Bunny by Too Faced. I am thinking of getting a tan, I’ve whittled it down to either Loving Tan or Bondi Sands. This shouldn’t affect my Blusher which is Rockatteer once again by Benefit. I apply this with a Zoeva classic Blusher Brush.

My eyebrow routine is going to be exactly the same. Benefit Cosmetics – no change there.

But eyeshadow, I really need to chill. Use basic colours that match the bridesmaid dress, define my crease, define my bottom lash line, add some shimmer, eyeliner and lashes and go. Simple. Classic. Currently I’m using cheap eyeshadow brushes with a Zoeva blending brush, does the job. But I might splash out on some decent brush sets for eyes, face, everything really.

I use Anastasia Beverly Hills gel eyeliner. Always have, when I wear eyeliner that is. I swap and change brushes all the time so I don’t really have a preference. However Sigma have brought out a new eyeliner pen and Stephanie Lange ( bangs on about it all the time and because it’s her I’ll probably try it.

Lips, again, calm down. I just need to go classic nude lip. None of this deep purple or rich reds. Don’t even question a navy. Just simple, soft and classic. I have never used a lip brush, maybe I should give it a go, idk though. Is it just a waist of money? Don’t really have money to waist right now, probably will anyway. One thing I always try and do is tidy my lip looks up with a concealer.

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