I’m thinking about doing a makeup tutorial. I don’t know why, it would be horrendous but I may start volgging too.

I need a decent camera to do makeup tutorials, maybe get new eyeshadow palettes because mine are embarrassing to look at. It’s embarrassing to still be using them really and I will have to clean all of my makeup brushes which will be a long day. That’s disgusting isn’t it. I do wash them honestly, just maybe not as much as I should …

The problem I’m having is that I’m not that adventurous with makeup. I like colour (mainly pink) and standard highlight and brows but I add nothing knew really. My eyeshadow technique is pretty much the same just with different colours depending on how I feel on that day. I always go for the dome affect, have the same affect eyeliner/ highlighter/ bronzer/ blusher. The only thing I could do is show,

  • My Everyday Makeup Look for Work
  • An In-Depth Everyday Makeup Look
  • My Makeup Look When Running Late
  • Eyeliner and Lashes
  • Date Night Look
  •  How I Fill In my Brows

Which are standard Beauty Vlogs and they are going to be much more skilled than I am. The issue is I criticize myself too much.

Everything I know about makeup I learn from beauty vloggers, such as the likes of JEFFREE STAR (spelt his name right this time) and mainly Stephanie Lange. I can’t really come up with different techniques. Makeup for me is a hobby, I’m not an MUA.

Basically, I’ve talked myself out of makeup tutorials but I still want to give it go.

I might just Blog my looks first, explain the makeup that’s good for my skin tone and the products I prefer. I put it on in the basic way so I can’t really teach anyone anything they don’t already know.

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