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Trying to figure out the layout of a house is stressfull. Especially when you don’t have a house. Need room for my makeup desk but will that go in the bedroom or a different room? The bedroom is going to be blue, navy probably.

Navy, grey and mauve. Loving mauve atm, a good dusky rose. So do I have my makeup and hair stuff in there or in a different room? If it’s in a different room can I really be bothered to go into a different room each day to do my makeup. But if my makeup is in the same room as my clothes I’ll be in there anyway so that is a plus. Obviously I have the routine now of getting ready in my bedroom but different house, different routine.

Navy accent wall, that’s what I’m thinking and then the remainder of the walls to have a marble effect.

I also want office space, don’t technically need an office, under the stairs looks nice. But I need light and do I want a window or is having air just being too picky. I evidently want a coffee machine but if the office is in the house so we are going to have a kitchen.

I’m not sure what to do with the kitchen. Quite like the idea of an open plan kitchen/living area. Yet I quite like the idea of having a separate rooms. Just because Kitchen’s get quite cold and the living room will smell less of dog food. Definitely having a dog, no question about that. Probably not just one dog ngl, many fluffy canines. I am seriously looking at getting a service dog, mainly so he or she can bring in my ASOS parcels but they will also be there if I ever did need one. Not to mention it’s a dog!!

Don’t even get me started on the living room. My Pinterest boards are overflowing with house designs, décor, design. I want it cozy with cushions and blankets galore. If I want dogs a white sofa wouldn’t be ideal but that doesn’t exactly narrow down the colour I want. Black sofa, grey and white walls looks nice but I don’t know if that’s my style. Same with cream, warm beige’s and taupe’s. They would create the ultimate cozy feel and it does look nice. I’m not a massive fan of bold colours in a living room, saying that I quite like the idea of a green but a very pale green. Not a duck egg but almost like a spring green. Nothing too permanent. Something light that you won’t get bored of. A colour that will go with each season and can be dressed with different coloured décor


All pictures taken from pinterest

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