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People ask me if this blog is about disabilities and wheelchairs and stuff like that. This doesn’t offend me at all but the honest answer is no. I will inevitably mention my condition and what I find easiest to use because it is a part of who I am. But I’m no expert. I’ve only had a wheelchair for 2/3 years so I can’t really give advice on that, I can just explain my experiences. I have a Carbon Black wheelchair, , and as far as wheelchairs go it’s pretty fancy. It’s carbon fiber, the same material used to make F1 cars and Jet Planes and yes people comment on the wheels wherever I go.

I’ve had the comment “It’s funny, you got this wheelchair to blend in but people just notice it more”, but that’s not true. Yes compared to a conventional wheelchair it is better looking yet I didn’t get it to blend in. At the end of the day I am never going to blend in and why would I want to? I’ve been graced with this lovely condition (as I am sure everyone with a disability feels) and it’s not going away on it’s own so I’m trying to make the best out of a bad situation. People are going to stare so give them something to stare at, right? Honestly my life could be a lot worse, yes it could be better but so could everyone’s. I am trying to embrace who I am and for me Carbon Black helps me do this. It’s really down to personal preference, kind of like a car, whatever is most comfortable for you.

This model is really light and although it doesn’t fold, it suits my lifestyle because it comes apart and I can easily pass it over my body to the backseat of my car.

This is not the only wheelchair available but I like it and it makes me feel comfortable and that’s all that matters really. It’s how you feel. Do what you want to live the best life by your standards, enjoy living.

Enough of the preaching because I’m really not very good at it.

If I am 100% honest my makeup in this picture bothers me more and the fact that I can no longer fit into those jeans because I like cake. However this is my Brown Leather Jacket that I’m taking to Dartmoor!! Still going strong, the trusty River Island,
Speaking of River Island, I wanted to buy a jumper the other day, it’s pretty, cream, pearls, in petite design but it’s £45 and as much as I wish for a lavish Kardashian lifestyle, I cannot afford one. So I’m still debating, I did buy some makeup today so maybe buying a jumper isn’t the best shout. But it’s pretty. I had my nails done yesterday so paid for that then I’ll be paying to get my eyebrows done and my hair in a couple of weeks. So I really need to start saving money. But did I mention it’s pretty.


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