We’ve got a problem …

“The most important relationship in our lives is the one we have with ourselves.” Iskra Lawrence – on the value of self-love

Self love is hard. Yesterday I was having a right meltdown. My self confidence was low. I felt chubby and wobbly and saw no way of achieving the body I want. I was picking at everything and getting myself down. I haven’t been able to go to the gym for 4 weeks because their lift has broken and I can feel it. I know I’m not big enough to be thick and I’m not skinny enough to be thin, I’m just here and I was getting myself down.

I went on instagram, which probably isn’t the best idea. Saying that, the amount of body positivity and self love really does help. I looked at accounts belonging to ‘Iskra’ and ‘Sophieselfies’. And as empowering as these women are I just started to compare myself to them, how I’ll never look like them, because they are like a foot taller than me and they are not in a wheelchair but I need to accept that I’m not them. And that is what they promote, not how to look just like them, but how to love your body. I try but sometimes it does get me down and I desperately try to look a certain way instead of embracing what I have.

“We need to stop trying to embrace perfection because we’re good enough already.” Iskra Lawrence

Vicky Pattinson is also an extremely dedicated body positive supporter. I have been a fan of hers since her drunken rage day on Geordie Shore. The Ann Summers ambassador left an Instagram post the other day showing how she down to a size 6 through hard work, exercise, counting her calories/macros but now she is a size 10. She still goes to the gym, eats right but also doesn’t forget to live. She goes out at the weekend and isn’t worried about the number on the scale. Likewise Danielle Mansutti (a youtuber and instagrammer) focuses on going to the gym for the feeling rather than the result. I feel this is a really good way to think. Of course we all have aims and goals but I have to remember not to become stressed by them. To remember that by getting a flat stomach won’t really change my life, I will just gain confidence wearing a crop top with jeans, which can’t be too bad.

So as I was having a crisis over my weight. I saw a video of a girl removing her makeup. It wasn’t a long video but she stated “I don’t need people to say nasty things to me because I say enough nasty things to myself”. But it wasn’t that comment that hit home. She took all her makeup off and she genuinely was really pretty, yet she started to cry. I could see nothing wrong with her face but she picked at everything she critized herself so much and it made me realize that we need to stop. We need to stop hating ourselves. Hating how we look and wishing we could change, to be picture perfect, but we are not in a picture we are living and we need to redefine how we view ourselves.

“Just focus on being the best possible version of yourself and quit worrying about your thighs- there’s nothing wrong with them” Jennie Runk


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