I Haven’t Blogged in a While

I haven’t blogged in a while and it’s mainly because I haven’t really been doing much. I’ve been trying to sort my sister’s Hen Do, which is an absolute bane, but when it all comes together I’m sure it will be great. We are having a Peaky Blinders theme and we are looking to go wine tasting, though my sister isn’t a fan of wine. so we are still trying to sort things out.

If I am perfectly honest I am more animated about what we can wear. Especially in the evening. I was excited about magnetic eyelashes, but they just angered me beyond belief. So I’ll be sticking to normal fake lashes because I am inpatient and can’t preserver. I’ll be wearing Ardell lashes (most likely) Stephanie Lange introduced me to these and she is makeup goals so I just do what she says. However I am very excited that Anastasia Beverly Hills are bringing out a new eyeshadow palette named ‘Soft Glam’ which speaks to the white girl in me. Saying this ‘Modern Renaissance’ will always be my first love. A lot of beauty volggers comment if a palette is lacking a matte black shade. This doesn’t really bother me that much. I tend to stick to brown shades, mainly because when I add black I resemble a tired panda and if I’m perfectly honest I’m just not that great with looks containing black shadow. Jefree Star (which we all know how much I love him and that glow) is bringing out a palette named ‘Blood Sugar’ which is all kinds of appealing to me. This particular one doesn’t contain a black, but pink is my go to colour and thus, this pallet will be the pigmented glowly beauty I know Mr. Star to be.

I realize this sounds like I don’t actually care if my sister has a good time at her own Hen Do and I am just babbaling on about makeup. Which isn’t true, I do want her to have a good time but makeup is always on my mind, so I end up talking about it and as vapid as it sounds I really enjoy planning my looks.

I am doing the same for my birthday. It is a month away but I’m already thinking about what to take. Which reminds me, I need to book a table at the hotel restaurant. I am going to Dartmoor, from Friday – Sunday so not long, thank god, otherwise I am not sure my bag would fit in the car along with the wheelchair an everything else. And even though it’s April, I’m thinking it will still be relatively cold, up in the moors, so I’m looking at it day by day;

Friday (Day): We’ll be in the car for most of the day so, Molly Jeggings from River Island (which are my absolute favourite atm)
A Grey Hoodie
And Ugg Boots
(also a blanket for the car)
Friday (night): most likely pyjamas because I’m lazy and pyjamas are comfy

Saturday (Day): I bought some black, ripped, skinny jeans from ASOS. Waist 28 because I can’t lie to myself anymore.
I might go for a bodysuit with that and a lightweight jumper wrapped around my waist.
Classic Leather Jacket, brown not black because that’s how I roll…. I’m hilarious. Yes I did steal this unique joke from my best friend.
And I’m fighting between timberland boots or Uggs. Probably Uggs because they are cozy on the inside. Side note, Uggs are actually not the best shoe for me. As they lack support around my ankles, so if you have a condition similar to mine, Uggs are bad, do not buy them. So why do you wear them you ask, because they are pretty and fluffy and I am weak minded and cannot say no. But do not be influenced by me and my poor decision making.
Saturday (Night): I bought a lacey poofy midi dress in a mauve. It’s a lot nicer than I’m describing it. It’s only strappy so I will need a jacket. Classic
leather jacket again.
Shoes, I have some tan heeled combat boots.

Sunday: That is actually undecided. Believe it or not. The shock. I know, I know. Probably just end up wearing pyjamas, because I have no shame.

Makeup is my bigger concern. I don’t know the best way around it. I don’t see my boyfriend patiently sitting around for two hours while I fill in my brows and stick extra lashes to the ones I already have and I know what I’m like, I’ll get bored and not bother putting them on and then regretting every life decision I have ever made. Or wont be able to get them on right then throw a massive strop for the rest of the day. Or the corners will come away from my eye and then flap in the wind. Why? Why do you do this to me?

So I am debating eyelash extensions. I’ve had them before and they did last quite a while. To me, they seem like the best compromise. I’ll just have to remember to avoid rubbing my eyes.

So yeah. That has been my life for two weeks, debating clothes and makeup for different events.


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