It’s taken me years to find a foundation that suits my skin. I am ridiculously pale like a small white chicken is how I would describe myself. But I have eventually found one and it’s a fairly decent one if I do say so myself.

Born This Way foundation by too faced is a god send. I get this makeup in the shades Snow or Swan. Swan is their palest colour while Snow is very very similar yet it has a pink undertone, which suits my little tomato face. The texture of this foundation suits me down to a tee, it does what it says on the tin, makes you look as though you were ‘Born This Way’. It’s smooth and silky and has a subtle glow that is to die for and it’s packaged in such a pretty little pink box and you feel as if you’re not wearing makeup, it is so light and sleek and I love this foundation and I am so excited that Too Faraced have created this small wonder.

I also wear their concealer and it is fabulous. Now it’s not the only concealer out there and I do recommend you shop around but for me it works really well. Being honest anything that covers up the marks of tiredness and makes my eyes look wonderfully open and bright to me is a god send. I think those markings will be forever etched into my skin….
The product is pretty much waterproof and once set with the right powder (which may or may not be Too Faced also) it pretty much doesn’t budge. I’m quite lazy, I don’t really want to reapply my makeup throughout the day. I want something that you can put on at 7 in the morning and it stay’s put and this concealer does that. It is a little expensive but in my opinion it is definitely worth the money.

For eye shadow I don’t have a particular brand I go for. I focus more on colours over brand. at the moment I flit between Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance pallet and Urban Decay’s  Naked3 pallet. However with these brands I can guarantee the pigmentation will be just as you would expect from a higher priced pallet. I go for Pink/ Orange/ Purple, colours similar to that. I find that those sort of warmer tones make the blue in my eyes stand out but also because I am so ridiculously white I find that darker shades just end up making me look like some sort of Zombified panda, which for Halloween would make a splendid costume, but that’s not really the look I am aiming for.

I tend to coat my lashes in Benefit’s Roller Lash Mascara. For me this cuts out the use of an eyelash curler and anything that allows me to cut corners I will jump at the chance. I also have my eyelashes tinted every three/ four weeks so I can go mascara free, especially when I go into the office, and my eyes don’t completely disappear so I resemble a newborn Naked Mole Rat. Similarly I get HD Brows along with my eyelash tint. Again I’m cutting corners because I don’t have to worry about grooming them myself. However I do like filing them in and making them more defined. currently I am using Benefit’s Goof Proof Pencil in the shade Medium 3. I prefer this to a gel product. It gives me a softer look but on my skin is darker and easier to use than a powder.

Contour isn’t exactly my forte. If I’m honest I hate it. Yet it makes my face look flawless. I all of a sudden have cheekbones and a jawline my forehead looks smaller and my nose narrower. It’s one of the techniques I have yet to master, along with winged eyeliner it stresses me out. I am yet to find a contour shade/ product to recommend. I have tried all the standard ones lurking around the internet but nothing has really taken my fancy.

Blusher – that I’ve got down. I go for a more subtle rose, a soft pink. I go for Benefit Rockateer. I’ve been using that for about a year and don’t see myself changing anytime soon.

I also love a good glow. I  can’t say no to a good highlighter. and there are so many out there. I mix and match highlighters all the time depending on how I feel. I normally always go for a pearl shade, because I’m so pale it works. Highlight is one of my favorite makeup techniques to play around with. Strobing is just so easy and effortless. You feel put together without really wearing much makeup.

I haven’t had my nails done in ages, it’s awful, it genuinely is. I just chip nail varnish really quickly and then I leave it, I slowly pick at it until it becomes a little sploge of colour on each nail. I’ve never been good at looking after my mini finger armour but I’m going to paint them. and start treating them as an accessory you can’t lose. Well I suppose you can lose them. You can cut your fingers off but I’m not planning on doing that anytime soon, so ….



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