I’m having a complete meltdown over what to do with my hair, and even though this is a major white girl issue, it’s stressing me out. Do I grow my Fringe, do I keep it? It makes me look younger but it also suits me. I like it because it gives the impression my forehead is significantly smaller than what it is but I don’t like it when I curl my hair. It makes my moon face even rounder and that can not be tolerated. So I don’t know what to do because I like it but I don’t.

I also don’t know if I should cut it or not. I mean I would do, just go for it, but my sisters want’s her bridesmaids to have their hair up for her wedding. And with the wedding looming what will I do if I can’t put it in an updo …(my first world problems astound me)

Shoulder length, that’s a happy medium. Or just past my shoulders maybe … I don’t know. But then I think about layering. I think that’s the way forward at this point. I think I don’t want just one length, it’s too heavy around my face.

I want to go blonder again. I’m thinking dark blonde, quite ashy, but then I see pictures of buttery banana blondes and I just don’t know anymore. I’ll figure it out eventually.


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