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I really want to try and work on myself this year. I always watch my weight and try to eat well, (doesn’t really work mind) yesterday I had two croissants an energy bar and pasta … nutritious day. I do this, not because I think being skinny will bring me happiness but because I feel better about myself when I am slightly slimmer. The issue is, when I stand up my stomach appears flat but when I sit down it’s a completely different story. Yet because I sit down near enough all of the time I am rolling around like a little podge and I feel really insecure some days.

I’ve been going to the gym recently and have noticed a massive difference from doing interval training. I find weights quite difficult to do. Not because they are too heavy or I struggle to hold them. It’s annoying in the chair. The wheels get in the way. It doesn’t support my back enough, I obviously can’t change my stance to distribute my strength and weight. However the machines are really useful, obviously I have to pick and choose which ones I use but the stronger I am obviously the better so I glad that I have a routine.

I go to the gym 2 days a week, attempt to go on a Sunday but half the time it doesn’t happen, and then I will do workouts at home the other days. it’s only low intensity and for about 40 minuets because I am excessively lazy. I change it up as well. I’ve learnt my body reacts better when I listen to it. I find it better not to force myself, push myself yes, but if I really don’t have any energy then I find it better to only do 20 minuets of cardio rather than 40. I find my joints are stronger that way and I’m less likely to cause an injury.


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