The word disabled

There are people like me, who for whatever reason have a certain imparement and are described as disabled. Now I know its just a word and it doesn’t define me but it really makes my skin crawl. People think they know me, they just assume I feel a certain way about day to day life. They treat you like you can’t do simple tasks or that you don’t really know anything, I’m sorry I didn’t realise my inability to walk affected my brain … now this is only a select few, it really is, but you will come across them. Comments like that and “why are you in a wheelchair?”, which is a comment I get a lot, really annoy me. What gives the right to ask. You don’t know me so don’t ask. Don’t do it. No. Keep your patronising thoughts to yourself. I have been accused of lying by some, and I stress some, because they obviously know what disability looks like because they are the oracle of everything and should be worshipped. Cut your ego in half and piss off. “You’re too pretty to be in a wheelchair” yes because your face often determines if you can walk. It really does annoy me. Losing the use of your legs, or anything life has in store for you, is hard enough for anyone to come to terms with, not only physically but mentally too. When you learn that you can’t do something you used to, it’s heart breaking, but you adapt, you figure out what works best for you. If there is a time to be selfish it’s now. Dob’t be embarassed because you’re ‘disabled’. You define what that word means no-one else.


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