I am in the mood to full on make over my face. Eyelashes the works. Problem is I’m super lazy so my makeup never looks as good as it could do. I am the worst, I don’t even wash my makeup brushes that often I just throw them away and buy new ones … that’s disgusting. But its Christmas tomorrow and I am super excited to go full glam, well semi glam lets not go overboard. I should be honest, I don’t have the patience. However I will be wearing the classic Christmas red lips. JEFFREE STAR the absolute babe, his liquid lipsticks just make me want to cry tears of joy (not to be dramatic). I am also going to cover my eyelids in glittery cranberry goodness because pink makes my eyes pop!! The only thing I am not looking forward to is winged eyeliner. If it goes right it makes you feel all fabulous and an independent badass but for cases like me, I rarely achieve that but benefit “push up” eyeliner from, the “their real” line, helps make my awkward little hooded eyes look less cow like and more like an otherworldly, vaguely threatening queen. But eyeliner for me is a bit like going out (I am extremely antisocial), I need to be in the mood for it.


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