I Felt Inspired

I wanted to mention some of my inspirations for this blog. They are strong, body confident women, that have taught me so much. Just by reading their blogs, watching their YouTube or being in awe of their Instagram’s.

The first is Danielle Mansutti. I came across her a few years ago on YouTube. She is so humble in everything she does. She has taught me so much about how to tackle my own anxiety and depression. She also has a dog so it’s a win.

The second is lellamarie. She is not only beautiful and has the greatest smile I have ever seen but she has given me so much confidence in myself. She has been paralysed and being in a wheelchair myself I can understand when she talks about days when she is feeling down. Yet she has taught me to be grateful for what I do have, yes i don’t have full use of my legs but I have a choice to either sink into self pity and depression or I can be thankful for everything and everyone I have and love who I am.

Third is Stephanie Lange. She is absolute make up goals. Watching her videos not only helped me with my hooded eyes, getting tips and tricks for that is what I needed. But she has made me realise that I don’t need makeup to be confident yet loving it isn’t a sin.

Which leads me to my fourth inspo Carlibel. She is like a character from a movie. She has the most beautiful raven locks and her makeup skills are just ridiculously beautiful.

Fith ìs Sophie Hall. I have never been more jealous of a woman’s figure in my whole life. Yes, I need to miraculously grow a foot before I can come close but she makes me realise that it’s okay to eat ice cream and pizza Every now and then. She is beautiful.

These women are a select few of the strength and confidence women give each other each day. Please check out their social media sites.


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